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More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! Judge Dredd battles for his life at the hands of the Red Queen's agents in 'The Red Queen's Gambit', Psi-Judge Anderson heads into haunted territory out in the Cursed Earth in 'The Dead Run', DeMarco helps a grieving son find the truth about his dead mother in 'An Eye...,' Nia's in deep trouble with the Brit-Cit gangs in 'Diamond Dogs', and The Returners investigate an amusement park that is not all it seems in 'Chandhu'. In addition there's interviews, features and more, and in the bagged mini-trade, travel back to 17th-century London as zombie-hunter Defoe takes on the undead hordes in 'The Damned' by Pat Mills and Leigh Gallagher!
Planowana data premiery: 18.09.2019

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