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CALIBAN TP (9781592912506)

Kod produktu: DEC141097
Kod ISBN: 9781592912506
Dostępność: dostępny
: Wysyłka w: od 12 do 28 dni roboczych
Cena: 89,99 zł 89.99
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Opis produktu

The crew of the mining ship Caliban is on a routine mission deep in the universe and confident that nothing outside the normal humdrum monotony of space travel will occur.  But when they encounter an alien vessel their dreams of a simple mission turn into a nightmare unfolding along the lonely corridors of the cold steel ship.  Something is stalking them and systematically eliminating the few remaining personnel one by one.  How can you fight something you can’t even understand?  Claustrophobic terror grips the crew now as they attempt to escape the thing that has waited patiently for them to eventually arrive in the vast lonely darkness.  No one is safe in deep space.  Revolutionary comics writer Garth Ennis (Preacher, Crossed) takes you to a very dark place with the type of high tension paranoid storytelling that will leave a lasting mark on you.  Beautifully illustrated by Facundo Percio (Fashion Beast), Caliban is a must read for horror and sci-fi fans alike.  This volume collects the Caliban #1-7 comic book series.

Szczegóły produktu

Scenariusz Garth Ennis
Rysunki Facundo Percio
Okładka Facundo Percio
Data wydania 25.02.2015
Oprawa miękka
Liczba stron 176
Cena okładkowa 19.99 $
Format 18cm x 25cm
Druk kolorowy
Sugerowany dla dorosłych Tak
Rodzaj Wydanie zbiorcze
Język angielski
Stan Nowy
Kod ISBN 9781592912506
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