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More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! Those citizens that have lost loved ones to the lawman start a direct action group in 'Collateral Damage' by T.C. Eglington and Nick Dyer, chaos is unleashed in the Big Meg as the Sons of the Dragon make their move in Anderson, Psi-Division: 'NWO' by Alan Grant and Paul Marshall, the Dark Judges bring hell to a colony world in 'Dominion' by John Wagner and Nick Percival, Dredd shoots it out with the Erinyes gang in the finale to the DREDD movie-sequel story 'Furies' by Arthur Wyatt, Alex De Campi and Paul Davidson, and unflappable supernatural troubleshooter Devlin Waugh is back for a new adventure 'Blood Debt,' from writer Rory McConville and Unfollow artist Mike Dowling. Plus in the bagged graphic novel this month, a collection of 'Whatever Happened to…?' stories from the Dredd universe, featuring work by Pat Mills, Chris Weston, Gordon Rennie, Alan Grant, Roger Langridge and more!
Planowana data premiery: 11.10.2017

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