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Rosmei Novels preorder

We are proud to announce our cooperation with Rosmei! You can preorder publisher's books through our website!

Rights now our website is available only in Polish (we are working on an English version, hope it's going to be available soon) so below is a small tutorial for placing an order. You can also contact us ( and we can prepare an order for you through email!
Placing an order step by step:
1. Add products you want to order to the cart ("do koszyka").
2. Go to the cart and select the country ("kraj wysyłki") to which the package is sent.
3. Enter your shipping details by filling in all fields marked with an "*".
4. Now you can confirm your order and make the payment.
5. Check your email. You should receive order confirmation on your mailbox.


What is the deadline for preorders? 
Preorder deadline for HOW TO SURVIVE AS A VILLAIN (NOVEL) VOL 01 ends on January 31, 2024. This is also deadline for preorder discount price.

Preorder deadline for DON'T YOU LIKE ME (NOVEL) VOL 01 and NANCHAN (NOVEL) VOL 01 ends on March 15, 2024. This is also deadline for preorder discount price.

What about the freebies?
We will add all freebies manufactured by Rosmei to all orders placed before preorder deadline.

When will you start shipping orders?
HOW TO SURVIVE AS A VILLAIN (NOVEL) VOL 01 estimated delivery date is June 30, 2024.

DON'T YOU LIKE ME (NOVEL) VOL 01 estimated delivery date is July 15, 2024.

NANCHAN (NOVEL) VOL 01 estimated delivery date is July 30, 2024.

QIANG JIN JIU MERCH estimated delivery date is September 10, 2024

How long does it take for the package to arrive?
For most European countries, shipments are usually delivered within one week. If you want to know what is the expected delivery time for other destinations, please contact us - we will check and let you know!

Do I have to pay now, or can I pay after the comics are ready for shipping? How can I pay for the order?
You can pay after the order is ready to be shipped. We accept both bank transfers (in Euro and other currencies) and card payments.

Can I add another books or comics from your shop and combine them with Rosmei novels?
Sure you can! Other danmei books are available here

I've already placed an order, can I add more books/comics to this order?
Yes, you can! In order to do so, please contact us at We can combine multiple orders into one package or add additional products to already placed orders. Note, the shipping price depends mostly on weight of the package. Adding more books into your order might change the price for shipping (but it will be still cheaper than sending multiple packages separatly).

I would like to order the whole series, but I would like to receive just one package after the release date of last volume. Is it possible? Will I get freebies?
Yes, it is possible and we will reserve freebies for you! We always try to be as much flexible as we can. Feel free to contact us in order to arrange all details. NOTE, the amount of freebies is limited.

Questions? Problems? Suggestions? If you require any support, please feel free to contact us at

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